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Very, very good mat

I like the Movement Mat very much.It's the best I've ever had so far. The size is a little bit wider than my old one and also teeny tiny thicker which is nice. There is no slipping with my feet on the mat, no matter what I wear and also doesn't the mat slip on the floor.The grip is really outstanding and I love the design. I highly recommend this mat. Well done Liv :)

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Best Mat Ever

So far the first mat on which I do not slide and I have already tried some!!! It is very gentle on the knees so far also in this point the best mat. And I like the simple design.

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Great Grip

Love the mat . It has everything in a mat I have been looking for years. Many mats later . Thank you for Liv for creating the most amazing mat I have used .I highly recommend this mat .

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It lives up to its description

Please to say that the mat lives up to its description. It's the best I've ever had for yoga and exercise.

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You get what you pay for

Amazing mat. This is my 5th yoga mat in 3 years. I should have paid more at the start to get a quality product like Liv's rather than cheaper ones that tear or get really slippy as they get old. Would highly recommend it!

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The BEST yoga mat ever ❤️❤️❤️

I thought I already had the comfiest mat from block - until my Movement Mat arrived. This mat is not only super comfy, it's by far the grippiest mat I have ever had 🥳🥰 Not joking. (The downside is: no more excuses why you can't do a pose because your slipping 😉) This mat seriously makes me happy just from stepping on it for my yoga practise. I used to always struggle with grip more than feeling uncomfortable on the mat, trust me: I find my other mat seriously uncomfortable now and only use it for more fitness based workouts (slipping and sliding along 🙃). I can honestly recommend the Movement Mat and Liv - you can be proud of this 🫶


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Best mat. EVER

The Movement mat is brilliant! It is super grippy. It has improved my posture and confidence in poses no end as I now have zero fear of slipping. I hadn't realised that that was in the back of my mind until it wasn't (if you see what I mean!) The thickness is perfect too. Liv you have managed to create the Goldilocks of yoga mats! Well worth every penny and not as expensive as other less grippy mats out there. 11/10! :)


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Incredible mat ❤️

Absolutely love this mat! Has contributed to changing my entire perspective of movement and working out. It’s so comfy, really aesthetic and the fact that my feet and/or hands stay glued to it in any positions is a really wonderful plus. Completely worth investing in, thank you! 🌟❤️


The Movement Mat

  • Unrivalled grip
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Uncompromising stability
  • Compact and lightweight

A mat that won't let you down.

*Warning: Pets may try to claim as their own.