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The Movement Mat

The Movement Mat

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A mat to meet all of your needs, from a yoga practice to a workout, a good old stretch or some mobility work — both at home and in the studio or gym.

The Movement Mat is designed to support your body in every posture, shape, or movement that you ask of it. It provides a sturdy grip and comfortable cushioning, without comprising your stability.

Made from a vegan PU rubber with a natural foam base, this mat is durable, non-slip and simple to clean.

The engraved design of the mat is inspired by the shapes created with the body in some favourite yoga poses, whilst the straight line across the bottom represents Savasana, the resting pose — a reminder that both movement and stillness are of equal importance for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The mat also comes with a Livinleggings drawstring storage bag, to keep it clean and make it easy to carry from A to B.


PU Vegan top with a natural foam base

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Dimensions: 66cm x 180cm
Thickness: 0.5cm

Care Instructions

To clean with mat, please wipe down with a damp cloth with water, detergent, or cleaning solution as this may damage the mat.

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Introducing the Movement Mat

  • Unrivalled grip
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Uncompromising stability
  • Compact and lightweight

A mat that won't let you down.

*Warning: Pets may try to claim as their own.